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On this worksheet you will create a header and text box and establish the
positioning for the wireframe images. The header will include the name of the company
(Berger's Books), the title of the project (Homepage to purchase page), and the
author's name. The starter page will then have all the elements built into it that
you will need for subsequent worksheets of your storyboard.
To Create the Header:
1. On the starter page, create a header by highlighting the top three rows on the
worksheet, then right-clicking the selected rows, and choosing Format Cells
(Figure 5.6).
You will want to make the header unobtrusive so that it doesn’t distract from the
overall presentation of your storyboard.
2. In the Format Cells dialog box, click the Patterns tab, select the lightest gray
color, and then click OK to confirm the color choice (Figure 5.7).
3. Right-click in table cell B2; then type in the header information (Berger's Books,
the title of the project, and the author's name) as a single row with plenty of
space between the groups of text (Figure 5.8).
Figure 5.6.
Choosing Format Cells.
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