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n While pressing the C ONTROL key, click row 1 and then click row 3.
Right-click row 3, then choose Row height, and then enter 5 in the Row
height dialog box.
Click OK to complete the header sizing (Figure 5.9).
You have now completed a header for your storyboard. Now you'll place images in
your storyboard.
To Place a Wireframe Image on the Worksheet:
1. In the menu bar, click Insert > Picture > From File (Figure 5.10).
2. From the folder in your file system that contains all your wireframe images,
wireframe (bb_homepage_wire.gif) as
shown in
Figure 5.11 and then insert it.
Figure 5.9.
Dialog box for
adjusting header row
Figure 5.10.
Selecting the
commands to place an
image from the file
system into the starter
page worksheet.
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