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To ensure that the rest of your wireframes are positioned and scaled the same way,
create some table cell markers as guides (Figure 5.13). To create the markers, highlight a
cell just above the upper-left corner of the image; then right-click and choose
Cells > Patterns
. Select a light gray to mark the spot. Do the same at the upper-right
corner of the image. Nowwhen you insert a wireframe image into a worksheet, you will
know that all the wireframes will be aligned and scaled the same.
Now that you have set the position for the wirefame images, you can position the
text box for the titles and descriptive text.
To Create a Text Box:
1. From the Drawing toolbar, Select the AutoShape Rectangle and position it to
the right of the wireframe image. Stretch the rectangle down until it seems
large enough for the text that you expect to insert (Figure 5.14).
2. Right-click the rectangle and select Add Text. Type in some placeholder text
for the title and body text. With the headline text highlighted, format it to
Arial bold, 12 point.
3. Format the box itself by right-clicking the edge of the box and selecting
Format AutoShape. In the Format AutoShape dialog box, make the outline
disappear by setting it to white (Figure 5.15).
This is only one design you might use. By repositioning the elements, you can
explore different design variations, as shown in Figures 5.16 and 5.17 (page 104).
Figure 5.13.
Creating a table cell
Figure 5.14.
An AutoShape
Rectangle used to hold
the annotation for a
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