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Excel is much more versatile than PowerPoint or other similar presentation software
applications in that it allows you to present vertically deep worksheets with content
below the
via vertical scrolling. Also, Excel allows you to either import wireframes
or build your prototype completely in Excel. In the same way you learned how to build a
starter page in Chapter 4, you can set up your presentation settings, which can mimic
the master page feature found in PowerPoint. In addition, you can use hyperlinks in
Excel so that you can link to other worksheets, workbooks, files, or even Websites and
pages, thus adding yet another dimension to your storyboard capabilities.
To present your storyboard, the simplest technique is to use the tabs at the bottom
of each worksheet. In Chapter 10,
we cover various
ways to color code them and organize them for easier presentation.
Sharing Your Excel Prototytpe,
Using hyperlinked text within your storyboard is another technique. In this example
two text links are positioned at the top of the column used for the annotation area.
The standard indicators, Previous and Next, are hyperlinked to either the previous
worksheet or the next worksheet in the storyboard.
In this exercise you will
learn how to create hyperlinked text to navigate a
To Add Navigation Links to a Storyboard:
Follow the steps shown in Figures 5.18 through 5.21 (through page 107).
Figure 5.18.
Indicator << Previous
added above the
annotation area.
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