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To Create Site Map Wireframe Boxes:
1. Begin with a fresh canvas worksheet in a new workbook and rename the
worksheet Site Map .
2. From the Drawing menu, choose AutoShapes > Basic Shapes.
3. Select a simple rectangle (Figure 6.1).
4. Place the cursor near the top of the worksheet; then click and drag to create a
5. To label the box, highlight it by right-clicking the border and choose Add Text
from the menu. Inside the box a line appears, indicating that you can enter
6. Enter the text Homepage . The default text position will be in the top right. In
this example, center the text in the box both vertically and horizontally.
Rightclick the box and select Format AutoShape, select the Alignment tab, and
choose Horizontal Center and Vertical Center (Figure 6.2, page 112).
7. Repeat this process, adding three boxes in a line below the Homepage box.
Label them Section 1 , Section 2 , and Section 3 (Figure 6.3, page 112).
In a site map you can indicate the relationship between the different boxes that you
create. The position of the boxes indicates hierarchy that is usually combined with
connector lines. Excel offers automated connector lines as part of the standard
AutoShapes menu.
Figure 6.1.
Selecting a rectangle
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