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Figure 6.6.
Multiple connectors to
a single box.
Though there are other ways to create the lines between boxes, the advantage of
using the connectors is that they are anchored to the box and will readjust as boxes
are repositioned.
The Hyperlinked Site Map
Often a site map is a standalone page among the many pages of documentation.
Using Excel, the site map can take on an added dimension or function by using
the feature that adds a hyperlink to a shape. Your static boxes can then link to
the worksheets that they represent in your designs.
To Create an Interactive Site Map:
1. Create four new worksheets in your site map document, representing the four
site map boxes: a homepage and three section pages.
2. Highlight
the box labeled
right-click the box, and select
In the Insert Hyperlink dialog box, select Place in This Document, find
Homepage in the site map (Figure 6.7), and click OK.
The Homepage box in the site map is now a hyperlink linked to the wireframe
worksheet that it represents. Repeat this procedure for each box. Now your site
maps can represent a high-level structure and can also act as an index that links
to the page-level wireframes. Use this technique early in the design process as a
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