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Figure 6.7.
Selecting the
worksheet reference
proof of concept for a navigation structure or as a way to navigate across many
worksheets in a wireframe, demonstrating the relationship between the different
linked worksheets.
Create a link from each linked worksheet back to the site map worksheet so you
don’t get lost.
From Skeletal to Detailed Wireframes
Wireframes that describe screen designs can range from the simple to the complex.
A good wireframe always remains conceptual and simple in its graphical
representation, but it can become more specific in the way it conveys content architecture,
structure, requirements, and task flow.
How you approach building a wireframe in Excel depends on the kind of wireframe
you need. In this example of a skeletal wireframe, an entire worksheet is built using
only cells with borders and colors. Refer to Chapter 4 to see how to format cells.
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