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The minimal descriptive text is written in the cells within the boxes. Working in this
manner is quick and easy
a perfect way to describe an interface concept that
doesn't need much detail.
Though it is true that this very low-fidelity wireframe (Figure 6.8) could be built in
other applications, building it in Excel offers some advantages that other
applications do not have. One advantage is keeping all your designs in a single document
file, which lets you easily compare different iterations as you try out various ideas.
A single file also lets you share all your progress with others on your team. As your
ideas begin to take form, you will have them together as tabbed worksheets in your
workbook, where they can be rearranged, renamed, and presented as a progression
of visual ideas.
To build the more-detailed wireframe in this example, using a combination of
table cells and AutoShapes provides greater flexibility and control in what you
Figure 6.8.
Example of a skeletal
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