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Figure 6.9.
Example of a detailed
can describe visually. In the building of this wireframe, the grid structure of the
worksheet is built using the previous wireframes' colored and bordered cells.
This basic structure remains unaffected by any shape put on top and acts like
a background defining the site grid. The content, which is described in greater
detail than in the skeletal wireframe, is included in shapes positioned on the
worksheet. In some shapes the text shows accurate content, while other shapes
are not specific and merely offer greeked text to indicate an undefined content
area. Different borders, colors, and border style can emphasize a section of the
design or highlight important aspect of the design concept, as shown in
Figure 6.9.
The Excel Methodology
Even though wireframes are not detailed, you can still use the same methodology
in building wireframes as you would for building more complex design prototypes.
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