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In this chapter you will learn how to
Use digital interactive prototypes
Create a digital interactive prototype with Excel
Create a digital interactive prototype
About Digital Interactive Prototypes
A digital interactive prototype is an interactive wireframe that is quickly created and
iterated using low-tech tools such as Excel, PowerPoint, or Visio. This chapter does
not cover the form of digital interactive prototype that is coded or scripted and fully
interactive, such as those created in Director, Flash, and so on. Digital interactive
prototypes share a good deal in common with paper prototypes in that they can
be very rapidly generated, allowing them to be used early in the software creation
process. Like paper prototypes, interactive prototypes can be employed for early
formative usability testing and stakeholder evaluations. Unlike paper prototypes,
these interactive prototypes can range from a series of low-fidelity click-through
screens for quick visualization of a design concept to a high-fidelity interactive
prototype. Paper prototypes, in contrast, are generally lower fidelity.
An interactive prototype can have the look and feel of the final product. A user can
click on a button or menu, and it can appear as though the button or menu is
working. The perception of interaction is created by linking to another worksheet in
Excel; the change is almost completely transparent to the user. This simulation of
interactivity makes interactive prototyping uniquely useful for
Understanding task flow and context of use by asking a user to directly
interact with the prototype as though it were functioning software
Validating assumptions in scenarios, requirements, and user profiles through
its higher interaction fidelity
Getting more detailed product feedback in usability testing than from paper
prototyping, because the prototype has a more natural look and feel
Getting feedback from remote stakeholders who cannot attend a face-to-face
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