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How Does an Interactive Prototype Work?
An interactive prototype is created from a storyboard scenario, task flow mappings,
and a collection of roughed-out window or Web page designs. To simulate
navigation and interaction as specified in a scenario and task flow, these designs are
linked in sequence with hyperlinks to mimic a working system. In Excel you can
apply interaction to text or graphics via hyperlinks and other techniques. You can
also simply switch between worksheets using the worksheet tabs.
In Excel, the content of a digital prototype can be easily arranged, rearranged, and
modified to allow rapid exploration and validation of design ideas. Because of this
flexibility and malleability, interactive prototypes are especially useful during the
early to middle stages of design, which are generally more exploratory in nature.
Because these prototypes are rendered in interactive format, they are especially
helpful for remote usability testing [2] [3], where test moderators and test
participants are in separate geographic locations.
Welcome to Acme Ceramics, the online retail case study that will help you continue
the journey to discovering the value and applicability of effective prototyping. Acme
Ceramics is a case study we’ll use to guide you through the steps of creating an
Excel interactive prototype. Acme Ceramics is a company that’s been around for four
years. Its core business is selling ceramic dishware products on the Web. The
company now wants to expand its market and customer reach by branching out into
other household goods. A project team has been put together, including a product
manager, a domain specialist, a creative writer, two designers, and three developers.
In addition, Acme has external stakeholders in the form of venture capital investors.
Creating Interactive Prototypes with Excel
Excel's strong design layout support and precise grid alignment features make it
useful for laying out the screens of an interactive prototype. After you have set
up a prototyping template in Excel that meets your needs, you can quickly and
easily create interactive prototypes with any mix of fidelities. Why would you choose
Excel for interactive prototyping instead of another tool? Let's explore the reasons
by using the Acme Ceramics redesign scenario as an example.
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