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As described in the sidebar, the Acme Ceramics business model, branding, and
Website are known quantities that need a
to regain some
of the customer base lost to competitors. Acme Ceramics has plans to add new
products and expand its existing customer base. The team decided to develop digital
interactive prototypes in Excel because it offers a complete prototyping
environment that already exists and that can be reused and updated.
facelift and body tucks
To begin the prototyping process, the team must update the graphics library with
the new look, and introduce new controls and behaviors to the prototyping
environment. Because the Excel prototyping environment is reusable, the team does
not have to start from scratch.
Gathering and Verifying Requirements for the
Before starting any design and prototyping activity on the Acme Ceramics Website
redesign, the design team must articulate its assumptions about the overall design
concept before gathering requirements. The requirements can include business,
functional, technical, and user requirements. Not all the requirements can be
gathered at the beginning of the redesign project. The design team begins by gathering
the ones that are readily available and then continues over time to gather more
requirements as they become available and as their design evolves and progresses
through iterations.
In the Acme Ceramics redesign, a substantial set of business requirements is
available from the product management team in the form of a business requirements
document (BRD). The BRD describes in detail these key requirements:
A new branding scheme, including renaming Acme Ceramics to Arnosoft
A new overall visual look based on the new branding scheme
A new look and feel catering to the emerging Gen-X customer base
A utility to collect marketing data about customers navigating to the site
The product marketing group also provides an updated functional requirements
document (FRD) that articulates a new use case that requires the following
Site hit tracking data aggregation, tabulation (per market segment, geographic
location, and navigation origin), and reporting
Related products configurator
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