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the Website architecture team provides a technical
document (TRD) with the following requirements:
Technical integration to support a third-party tool for hit tracking
Business logic that supports the related products configurator
The user requirements are
The new branding scheme and the new resulting look
Improvements resulting from recent usability testing
Other details of the user requirements will be articulated during iterations of
design, prototyping, and prototype validation
Creating a Screen Flow Diagram
Before becoming too immersed in screen designs, create a screen flow diagram.
The screen flow depicts the flow of tasks required for a user to successfully find
and select a desired product or set of products, place them in a virtual shopping
cart, and complete the transaction of placing an order (Figure 7.1).
Screen flow diagrams comprise miniature representations of screens, commonly
called thumbnails, and interconnecting lines that illustrate the interaction flow
paths. A screen flow diagram is useful when you're setting up the interaction and
navigation schemes in your prototype. This screen flow will help you decide which
parts of navigation and interaction should actually function in your prototype and
which can remain static.
Figure 7.1.
Screen flow diagram.
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