Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
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Figure 7.10.
Choosing Format
11. In the Format AutoShape dialog box, select a gray color for the Fill Color
(Figure 7.11).
12. Repeat steps 9
11, or copy and paste, or duplicate the square so that two
identical squares are added to the thumbnail.
13. To add the lighter text elements at the bottom of the screen, choose
AutoShapes > Basic Shapes > Rectangle. Click and drag a small rectangle, as
shown in Figure 7.12 (page 132).
14. To make this rectangle, which is a smaller piece of text, appear less heavy
than the other elements, use Format AutoShapes to set the gray fill color,
as you did in step 11.
15. Remove the line border by selecting No Line in the Line Color drop-down,
as shown in Figure 7.13 (page 132).
16. Copy and paste the small rectangle at the bottom so that the final image is
identical to Figure 7.14, (page 133).
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