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Use grouping to ensure that all elements are scaled together and that no
elements are left behind. You can use the Ungroup command to ungroup the
graphics; each shape becomes an individual object again. This is particularly helpful
when you need to edit an individual item in a group. Then you can use another
useful feature, the Regroup command, to regroup the individual objects, as
If you have ungrouped the graphics, you do not need to select the entire group
again to regroup it. You can select one graphic from the original group, right-click
it, and select Regroup. Excel remembers the prior grouping of graphics and will let
you regroup everything again as before. This feature can be very helpful to keep
your grouped shapes organized.
As you position the thumbnails for your screen flow, add text descriptions beneath
them. How you add text depends on how long the descriptions are:
the descriptions are short,
type the text
into the cells below the
If you find that you have a substantial amount of text, enter the text into
graphics boxes by right-clicking and choosing Add Text.
Figure 7.16.
Excel Regroup feature.
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