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An advantage to using the graphics shapes is that you can group them with the
thumbnails, making it easier
to keep the thumbnails and their descriptions
Another way to use grouping is to make groups out of groups. After you have
grouped the graphics and while the group is selected, highlight the text box and
make a group of both. Now the text is grouped with the graphics and can easily
be separated out for editing without having to ungroup the entire graphic.
A screen flow diagram built within an Excel template can be easily shared with
others and can be modified or added to by others. The thumbnails can also be
ultimately linked to the corresponding full-size screens of the prototype from which
it is derived.
Creating an Interactive Prototype
Excel offers a level of interaction that is easy to implement and can be very
powerful if used creatively. The two Excel features that enable the interaction are
Hyperlinking of text and graphics
Using the workbook tabs
Using these two features together, you can use Excel to mimic a level of
interaction that illustrates user interaction from worksheet to worksheet as well as
through a complex transaction process. You can show how a button might
function or even enable entering text into an input box. You can use Excel to
demonstrate interaction functionality to development teams and to test
interactive features with users.
In the scenario for this chapter, the designer who is building the interface for Acme
Ceramics wants to portray how a feature in the flow of Web pages will work. The
feature, which appeals to Gen-X users, allows the user to view a product in different
colors. The designer wants to demonstrate the use of the interactive color palette in
the interface. The designer has mapped out the process in a screen flow diagram,
but to really demonstrate to the team how this will look and feel, the designer will
create a simple interaction in Excel. This requires only two worksheets in Excel.
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