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Figure 7.18.
Worksheet displaying
mustard dishware
To Create the Interactive Digital Prototype:
1. Open the workbook EXP_CH7.xls.
2. Select the Worksheet tab maroon plate.
3. Select the color selector graphic, which has the maroon color highlighted.
4. Right-click the color selector graphic and choose Hyperlink
(Figure 7.19,
page 138).
5. Click Place in This Document;
then select
mustard plate.
6. Click OK to create the link.
The mustard color on the color selector graphic of the maroon dishware
worksheet is now a hyperlink to the mustard dishware worksheet. When hovering over
the graphic, the cursor becomes a hand to indicate it is an active hyperlink.
Clicking it instantly navigates the user to the mustard dishware worksheet from
the maroon dishware worksheet. By adding a link on the mustard dishware
worksheet that links the color selector graphic back to the maroon worksheet,
you create an interaction that vividly demonstrates the functionality to the
audience (Figure 7.20, page 138).
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