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The Insert Hyperlink dialog box gives you a number of choices that highlight some
more important features in Excel. For example, you can link to a different file if
you want to link to a different Excel document or to any document that could be
part of the design, such as a requirements document.
Linking to a Web page offers many opportunities. If your design is part of an existing site,
being able to link to that site can show how the prototype might interact with existing
Web pages. You can also make links to Web pages that contain support material or
examples of similar functionality that you want to show to help bolster your ideas.
Creating a Drop-Down Menu in Excel
In this exercise you will mimic interface widget interaction and functionality by
using hyperlinks together with graphic shapes.
The product manager feels that although it is nice to show two or three accessories,
there are whole categories of accessories that need to be displayed in the finished
coded site. In your next iteration you can try another approach to introducing the
accessories by building a drop-down menu.
To implement a drop-down menu, you will create a series of interactive worksheets.
The first worksheet will include the hyperlinked widget, which links to the second
worksheet. The second worksheet will be a duplicate of the first, except with the
drop-down menu added. Clicking the drop-down list on the first worksheet moves
to the second worksheet, appearing to the user as though the menu opened when
in reality the user simply moved from one worksheet to another. The third
worksheet is a destination for one of the links in the drop-down menu, which is the
Mustard Accessory worksheet mentioned at the beginning of the chapter. This
interactive relationship among the worksheets will determine the way the links in
the drop-down list should be created.
To Create a Drop-Down Menu:
1. Starting with the mustard dishware worksheet, copy it to create a duplicate
worksheet and name it mustard dropdown1 .
2. Copy the three accessories and their header, Accessories, to a new position to
the right of the descriptive text and change the header font to bold.
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