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Reevaluate users' needs (for example, what attracts both current and new users
to your site to find something they want? Who exactly are the users you want
to attract to your site?)
Make your design look uncluttered, and improve the information architecture
and interaction flow (for example, how can complex information presentations
and the related interaction experiences appear simple and easy?)
Improve grouping of content (for example, how can related and unrelated
screen elements be presented logically to users?)
Apply a more balanced color scheme that reflects your new branding scheme
and strategic objectives (for example, how can the new branding, reflecting
company values, be reinforced throughout the Website experience?)
Creating Iterations of Your Excel Prototype
... designers may,
in an iterative manner, explore the consequences of various
design decisions.
—Thomas Erickson, “Notes on Design Practice:
Stories and Prototypes as Catalysts for Communication” [3]
Evolving the Arnosoft Design
The following steps for designing and building a prototype help you evolve the
Arnosoft design concept and rationale, develop design patterns and guidelines
through iterations, and then converge on a design solution and a set of design
Determine the highest-priority screen.
Block out the most important regions of your screen.
Lay out the highest priority screen with the required elements.
Lay out remaining high-priority screens.
Specify each screen, overall interaction flow, and the various screen elements
with a design rationale.
In previous chapters you have learned how Excel can help you quickly build designs
to visualize your ideas. But an iterative design process requires that there be a
number of trial design attempts and divergent changes that will ultimately converge on
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