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Figure 8.8.
Table design copied
from first iteration
wireframe and then
pasted into position.
Iteration 3: Wireframe Updated with Design
Team Feedback
In the meantime, you received feedback from the team that the worksheet should
be reconfigured because the All Contacts toolbar at the top of the worksheet has so
many boxes that it's hard to understand. The sales team has asked that the Contact
Groups feature be more prominent, and they want a quick list of recent groups to
be exposed somewhere on the worksheet.
In this exercise you iterate the design again by repositioning, editing, and adding
whole sections to the design. You now create a left-hand column for the search
features that will also provide a place for the group features (Figure 8.9, page 158).
1. To clear room for the new column, highlight the entire worksheet
below the main header; then cut the selected area and paste it in position
at cell M6.
2. You haven't left enough room for the new content. Undo the paste action;
then repaste at cell S6. If you are satisfied with this spacing, move on.
3. Now you can reposition the search widget by cutting it from its current
position (Figure 8.10, page 158) and then pasting it into its new position, as
shown in Figure 8.11 (page 158).
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