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Figure 8.16.
Select cells for
Contacts Groups box.
9. Now highlight the right edge of the table (Figure 8.17, page 162); then cut the
left edge of the table and paste it into the correct position (Figure 8.18, page 162).
10. An easy way to delete the remaining unwanted table elements is to highlight
the area that you want to clear (Figure 8.18), including one row of empty cells
above the table and data entry area, then press C TRL -D (duplicate). The top
row of cells is duplicated within the highlighted area, clearing all the cell
attributes (Figure 8.19, page 163).
11. Finish this design iteration by cutting, pasting, and entering text to match the
design shown in Figure 8.20 (page 163).
All these changes might take less than an hour. You are ready for a second review
after iterating some of your other designs.
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