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Within Excel, you can communicate your design in these ways:
n Tooltips
n The built-in comment feature
n An annotation area within worksheets that contain your designs
n A separate worksheet devoted specifically to communicating your design
If you are creating a prototype for an internal group that already has a deep
understanding of your design or if your changes are small in scope, you might need only
minimal communications. On the other hand, if you are creating an entirely new
interface or making significant changes to an existing design, you might want to
choose a communication method that can support long and detailed descriptions
of your ideas.
Table 9.1 will help you decide which of these communication techniques to use.
Table 9.1 Choosing a Communication Technique
To comment on a specific
graphic or hyperlink
The disadvantages:
n They get read only if a user knows
to mouse over them.
n They are not intuitive and must be
communicated to the audience.
To highlight a comment
on a specific area or
cells on a canvas
n This has the added advantage of a
red marker in a cell, which can be
turned off.
n However, the markers can distract
from the visual design.
To comment on an entire
worksheet or area of a
n This puts the comments off to the
side, and using the view switch, you
can hide/show the comments.
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