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in the
To separate the comments
from the prototype
n This is the easiest way to capture
copious notes without worrying
about affecting the visual design
of the prototype.
n However, the disadvantage is that
the user often has to flip back and
forth between the comments
worksheet and the prototype.
n To make them discoverable, these
comments should usually be the
first worksheet in an Excel
prototype document.
Adding a Tooltip to Excel Hyperlinks
As part of the hyperlinking function in Excel, you can add rollover tooltips (referred
to as ScreenTips in Excel) to a hyperlink text or graphic. This method can be very
helpful for including a succinct note about the hyperlink. However, there are a
couple of drawbacks. First, you cannot add the notation to plain text
the text must be
a hyperlink to have a ScreenTip. Second, there is no indication that the link includes
a ScreenTip until you hover your cursor over the hyperlink text.
In some cases, you are prototyping an entire page with many hyperlinks; however,
only a few hyperlinks have a tooltip. How can you tell the difference? You can also
use your own variations on colors, underlining, bolding, and so on; just make sure
your convention is adequately communicated to your audience.
In this exercise you will learn how to create tooltips in a prototype.
To Create a ScreenTip Annotation:
For example, you might want to create an annotation for the Advanced Search link,
noting that this will be a pop-up link and not a link to another page. In this exercise
and throughout this chapter you will continue using the same file you used in
Chapter 8.
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