Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
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1. Right-click the table cell that includes the text Advanced Search.
2. When the pop-up contextual menu appears, click Hyperlink (Figure 9.1).
3. The Insert Hyperlink dialog box offers choices of what you can link to. In this
case, link to the Advanced Search worksheet that has already been prepared
in your workbook. In the input box at the top of the dialog, add the text that
describes where the Advanced Search link goes (Figure 9.2).
4. In the upper-right corner of the dialog, click the ScreenTip button, which
opens a dialog box with a text box for your notation (Figure 9.3).
5. Click OK for the ScreenTip and the Insert Hyperlink windows. The Advanced
Search text has become a link. When you roll over it, the annotation you have
written appears (Figure 9.4, page 172).
Figure 9.1.
Choosing Hyperlink.
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