Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
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Figure 9.4.
Rolling over hyperlink
to display tooltip.
6. To merge the cells, select the cells behind the text, right-click, and select the
Format Cells menu.
7. Click the Alignment tab and select Merge Cells (Figure 9.5).
8. Click OK.
All the cells behind the linked text will now display the text annotation on rollover
(Figure 9.6).
Inserting Comments
Excel's commenting feature is an ideal way to make annotations on a specific area of a
prototype that is not a hyperlink or graphical element. Excel's commenting is flexible
to use and can be modified in many ways. By placing comments in table cells close
to the features in your design, you can indicate what you are commenting on.
The comments themselves can be modified by type, size, shape, color, or border style.
The comment box can expand to accommodate relatively large amounts of text.
Through the Reviewing toolbar, you can cycle through all your comments, show
them all at once, or hide them.
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