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A red triangle in the upper-right corner of the table cell indicates a comment on a
cell. Be careful
many comments on a worksheet can distract from your design.
Another consideration in including comments is that all your comments will be
isolated boxes scattered across your design. Though this helps in visually linking
what the comments describe, it can be difficult to read them all at once or to copy
them all to another design or requirements document.
To illustrate comments, we will use a case study using a New Contacts button in a
design. This button is a new feature and will need a lengthy explanation.
In this exercise you will learn how to insert comments, customize the comments
area, and use the reviewing menu to display the comments.
To Insert a Comment:
1. Right-click the corner of the contact button cell and select
Insert Comment
(Figure 9.7).
2. Right-click the red comment icon and the comment box opens. Here you can
add text; in our example we added This button is under technical
feasibility review by the engineering team (Figure 9.8).
Figure 9.7.
Select cell to insert
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