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Figure 9.8.
Comment with text.
3. Right-click the open comment box and choose Format Comment.
4. To give the comment box the same style as all other technical comments in
the prototype, in the Format Comment dialog box choose the Colors and
Lines tab and give this comment box a blue background with an orange
border (Figure 9.9, page 176).
The end result will have the style attributes defined in the dialog box and will look
like Figure 9.10 (page 176).
After making several comments on the worksheet, you can manage them by
opening the Reviewing toolbar. Use this toolbar to cycle through all the comments
you've made, open them all up, or hide them.
In the Reviewing toolbar (Figure 9.11, page 177), you can
n Edit Comment: To edit comment text
n Previous Comment: To go from one comment to the previously viewed
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