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Figure 9.11.
Reviewing toolbar.
n Next Comment: To go from one comment to the next comment
n Show Comment/Hide Comment: To toggle the visibility of the comment in a
selected cell
n Hide All Comments/Show All Comments: To toggle the visibility of all
comments in a worksheet
n Delete Comments: To remove the comment from the currently selected cell
Creating Annotation Areas
You might want your annotations to appear on a worksheet without being hidden
in a collapsible comment box or as hidden tooltip. By creating annotation areas,
you can read the communications along with viewing the design.
First, you can make your own indicators, or graphical callout elements, that you
position on the designs. These indicators act as references to your annotations.
n You can have all your annotations on a different worksheet within the
workbook and link back and forth between the different worksheets.
n If your design is the full width of the application window, you can position a
text box to enter your annotations off to one side so that they don't impose
on your design and are either
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