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n Only a short scroll away
n If you change the zoom to 75 percent, the annotations can be revealed and
hidden by zooming back to 100 percent
n You can position the text box at the bottom of your design to keep
annotations out of view. Making your indicators anchor links within the worksheet lets
you link to the annotation for easy access.
n You can also link between Excel workbooks or other applications, such as
Word. By using a word processing application, you can use more robust text
tools to express your annotations if desired.
In this exercise you will learn how to annotate your prototype by creating areas on
a worksheet with anchor links to annotations.
For this exercise we will create annotations in a separate worksheet. In anticipation
of making annotations, you can create a series of indicators and place them in your
image library worksheet in your Excel template. An indicator is an AutoShape with a
numerical text reference.
To Create Annotation Areas:
1. From the Drawing toolbar, choose AutoShapes > Basic Shapes >
Rectangle. Holding down the S HIFT key, create a small square.
2. Right-click the square and choose Format AutoShape. In the Format
AutoShape dialog box, select an orange Fill Color, and set Fill Transparency to
50% (Figure 9.12). Click OK.
We click Transparency so that annotations will not obscure any graphics that they
are placed on top of.
3. Right-click the orange square, choose Add Text, and enter the number 1 .
4. Repeat steps 1
3 to make five square indicators (Figure 9.13).
5. Select the first indicator and copy it.
6. Go to the wireframe2 tab. Place the cursor above the groups box and paste
the indicator (Figure 9.14, page 180).
7. Create a new worksheet and call it Annotations .
8. Use the rectangle AutoShapes tool, as you did in step 1, but this time click
and drag a large area.
9. Add text: Annotation 1 (Figure 9.15, page 181).
10. Go to the Wireframe2 worksheet. Select the Indicator, right-click, and choose
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