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Figure 9.14.
The pasted transparent
11. As you have in other procedures, choose Place in This Document and select
annotation (Figure 9.16).
12. Click OK.
This will link the indicator to the annotation.
13. To create a link to return from the annotation back to the wireframe, go to
the annotation worksheet.
14. Select cell 2J and enter the text < Back .
15. Select the cells behind the text < Back, right-click, and choose Hyperlink.
16. In the Insert Hyperlink dialog box, link back to the Wireframe worksheet
(Figure 9.17, page 182).
17. Click OK.
18. Repeat this process to annotate all necessary elements.
Your image will look something like Figure 9.18 (page 183).
This is where you will enter your annotations. Because the team might miss the
annotation area, make your annotation indicators anchor links to the annotation
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