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Figure 9.17.
Insert Hyperlink to
return to the
19. Right-click the annotation indicator and choose Hyperlink.
20. In the Type the Cell Reference text box, enter the cell reference cc1, which is
the upper-right cell above your Annotation box.
21. To make it easy for your team to navigate from the annotation box back to
your design, create a Return link above the box by using the default
coordinates that will return a viewer to the original page orientation (Figure 9.19,
page 184).
The annotation box could be to the right of the design, below the design, on a different
page in this workbook, or in a different workbook altogether (Figure 9.20, page 184).
Another way to organize your page annotationsistocreateaprototypethatis
smaller in width so that you can have space to the left or right of the design
for your annotations and other documentation. In this example (Figure 9.21,
page 185), the column widths are narrower than usual and the type font is set
to 8 points so that the resulting page is approximately 75 percent of the size
of a full-scale page. The advantage to this method is that all the annotations
arewithinthewidthofafullpage,allowing for direct visual access to the
annotation without having to click to another position on the worksheet or hyperlink
to another document.
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