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Engineering Can’t (or Doesn’t Want to)
Implement Your Design
Your presentation should include a roadmap from the current design instantiation
to the final design to be implemented. Be sure to share the Excel prototype with
all your product stakeholders and go over the various design and requirements
details with them before the presentation. The Excel prototype can either be shared
during a meeting, where you can interactively work on it with your stakeholders, or
distributed so that they can mark it up and return it to you.
Be sure that the design concepts of a prototype can be implemented by socializing
your designs with the engineering team. What seemed to be possible in the
beginning of a project might no longer be possible just weeks before code freeze
definitely not possible during system testing. Again, solutions to issues found as a
result of evaluation need to be reviewed carefully and signed off by the product
stakeholders to assure they can be implemented.
Competing Prototypes
A simple process rule suggests that you never let any of the members of your
product team prototype in isolation or diverge from the agreed-on product design plan.
Assure that all prototyping activities are included in the project plan, even those by
developers used for proof of concepts. These proof-of-concept prototypes can often
undermine your design efforts by introducing conflicting design ideas that are
orthogonal to the overall agreed-on design direction. In a presentation, everyone
in development involved in prototyping should be present and actively
participating. Include all stakeholders at your presentations and design reviews.
Outdated Prototypes
Archive outdated prototypes from project servers, project folders, and so on. Ensure
that anyone who has seen the older versions of the prototype knows that a new
one supersedes previous versions. Meet with stakeholders to inform them of and
discuss the differences, and leave nothing to chance.
During a prototype presentation, provide a schedule of the future updates and other
prototyping activities such as future validation testing, reiterations, and so on. Outline
the types of changes that are anticipated. Early in the design process there could be
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