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conceptual changes, so developing to early conceptual prototypes is very risky.
Later in the product design process, when no major changes are expected,
developing to a more refined prototype is less risky
as long you allow for last-minute
changes and refinements. Set everyone's expectations for the possibility of
changes ahead.
After an evaluation takes place, the prototype is out of date. Planning of the
evaluation activities must be clearly communicated to everyone. Published results should be
made available to everyone and whenever possible integrated into the prototype.
You can integrate results into an Excel prototype in five ways:
Insert an executive summary of the results in the first worksheet of the
Include hyperlinks on the areas of the prototype using cell-based hyperlinks
that take the user to the related evaluation results.
Include text boxes to place the relevant results right over the prototype
On the old prototype, mark clearly that it is out of date, and then place links in
the old prototype to the new designs in the new prototype. If the new
prototype is not Excel and pinpointing the design is not possible, use a cell
comment or hyperlink tooltip to explain where they can find the design in the
new prototype.
Make it a policy to place an expiration date in a prominent place on every
prototype. For example, using Excel's text box feature, you can put an expiration
date in the upper-left corner, which will not interfere with any cell-level-based
designs or hyperlinks.
Misunderstanding and Misinterpretation
During a presentation, the moment can come when it seems that magic happens:
Everything seems logical and intuitive. This is usually because someone is narrating
a preconceived scenario to fit the design that was created. As long as the scenario is
credible, the prototype comes across as effective and brilliant. But what can get lost
in such a presentation is what, exactly, one is supposed to learn from the prototype.
It might be impossible to distinguish what was temporarily added to support the
flow of the scenario from what is the core, agreed-on design direction embodied
in the prototype. To avoid any confusion, annotations can be created within Excel
to communicate what has been and has not been tested.
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