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are trying to portray and communicate. For example, one method for focusing the
user on the right prototype characteristics is to reduce the fidelity of unimportant
but contextually helpful characteristics. If you're displaying a wireframe to show a
new visual design direction, one way of controlling what the viewer focuses on is
to greek the text to prevent the viewer from getting immersed in the editorial
When you are copying text into an Excel prototype, it is important to use the Paste
Special command and paste the values only. Using the values-only option, you assure that
your prototype font styles are preserved. Otherwise, the copied font styles will be inserted
into your prototype.
Setting the Appropriate Visual Emphasis
Another method for directing the user's attention where you want it is to
deemphasize the parts of the design that don't require focus. This method involves
toning down the unimportant areas of prototype screens by reducing their opacity;
that is, modulating their translucency. For example, you're prototyping a new
screen layout for a business application. Two elements in the prototype are two
controversial data tables, which are not part of your design. You do not want
the conversation to focus on these tables. To avoid that, you can lay a translucent
shape over the table to preserve it as part of the larger context but diminish its
potential for distraction.
To Create a Translucent Overlay:
For this exercise, deemphasize the table in the prototype screen design (Figure 10.1,
page 194) by reducing its contrast relative to the background. Start by first
laying a rectangle over the tables and then reducing its opacity so that the table
elements are more subdued.
1. Choose the rectangle AutoShape; then draw a rectangle over the two tables
that are to be overlaid (Figure 10.2, page 194).
2. While it's still highlighted, right-click the rectangle AutoShape and select
Format AutoShape from the menu (Figure 10.3, page 195).
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