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Figure 10.5.
Screen design with a
translucent overlay
applied to two tables.
Denoting Your Prototype’s Interaction Methods
You can provide any of several interaction methods for your prototype:
Creating simple click-through interaction
Improving the appearance and presentation of your Excel prototypes
Creating a Simple Click-Through Interaction:
The tab bar at the bottom of the worksheet area affords simplified linear and
nonlinear click-through navigation of your prototype for presentations. As you're
presenting your designs to an audience, they will inevitably have questions and
discussions that require returning to earlier presented worksheets. To support this
type of use, you can use a naming convention such as numbering that will make
it easy for you to navigate among your prototype screens. You can also organize
your tabs by color-coding them to help you quickly orient and reorient yourself.
To Name a Tab:
1. Right-click the worksheet tab.
2. Select Rename from the menu (Figure 10.6).
3. Type a new name into the selected tab.
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