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Figure 10.10.
Your design with
functioning links in
blue. It is difficult from
this image to know
which links have been
implemented and
which are for show.
Improving the Appearance and Presentation of
Your Excel Prototypes
You can modify the Excel application user interface to achieve better visual
presentations. To clear out some of the distracting visual screen clutter, start by closing
any unneeded toolbars. From the View > Tools menu, deselect any toolbars that
are not needed for your presentation (Figure 10.11, page 200).
Choosing Tools > Options > View, you can hide the row and column headers by
deselecting that option in the Options dialog box (Figure 10.12, page 200).
Hiding the row and column headers allows your design to take full advantage of
the worksheet width and removes extraneous visual elements that might detract
from the presentation. In this dialog box you can also deselect the Sheet tabs
setting that hides the tabs at the bottom of the worksheet. Although you might
not want to hide the tabs if you plan to use them to navigate your presentation,
you can still navigate from one worksheet tab to the next via C TRL -P G U P
C TRL -P G D N (Figure 10.13, page 201).
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