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Figure 10.13.
Your design displayed
with row and column
headers and worksheet
tabs hidden.
You can also quickly hide all toolbars and status bars by using Full Screen mode. Full
Screen mode is initiated via V IEW >F ULL S CREEN .
Another way to present your Excel prototype designs in a more streamlined and
effective way is by saving the workbook as an HTML file and then using that as a
presentation artifact. Saving as HTML
Allows a browser user interface without the application user interface trappings
of Excel.
Affords a minimum of function bars that might distract from your presentation.
Provides a convincing way to display your work to others, especially if your
designs are meant to represent a Website or application.
Allows you to show your designs virtually anywhere in the world by posting
them on a Website and sending its URL to your stakeholders.
To save your prototype as HTML, in the Save As dialog box, select Web Page in the
Files of type menu (Figures 10.14 and 10.15, page 202).
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