Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
In Depth Information
In this appendix you will learn to
n Eliminate background gridlines
n Set page attributes for the canvas
n Format table cells
n Use the drawing menu
n Create hyperlinks
n Save as HTML
n Insert and delete cells shortcuts
n Use drag-and-drop shortcuts
n Copy and paste
n Work with graphics
This appendix includes a number of hints, gathered together here from the
chapters in which they first appeared, which you might find useful while building
prototypes in Excel.
As you discover new techniques and shortcuts in Excel, we invite you to share them
by emailing them to We will post them on our site
so that everyone can share in your discovery.
Creating the Canvas
To Turn Off the Display of Gridlines to Create a Blank Canvas:
n Select Tools > Option > View and clear the Gridlines checkbox, or
n Click the Clear Grid icon in the Forms toolbar.
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