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Setting Page Attributes for Prototyping
To Select the Entire Worksheet:
n Click the top-left corner of the worksheet where the row and column headers
meet. Keep this selected so the entire page will change at once.
To Ensure That Cell Contents Will Be Read as Text Only and to
Prevent Accidental Reformatting:
n Right-click Format cells > Numbers tab > Highlight Text.
To Select a Default Color as a Background Color:
n Right-click Format cells > Patterns; then select a color.
To Select a Default Font Style:
n Right-click Format cells > Font; then select font and font styles.
To Specify a Background Texture:
n Under Format in the top menu, click Sheet > Background; then choose a
picture to set as background.
Other than using a background as a texture for your designs as you would for a
Web page, backgrounds can be very useful if you need to copy a design or use
an existing design as a guide to get your proportions correct. Make a GIF of the
whole page that you want as a background and then apply it as a background.
After you have finished, you can remove it as the background, and you'll be left
with all your elements in exact position.
You might want to use a full page as a background in your prototype. Remember
that background images will tile and will repeat at the edges of your designs. To
keep this from distracting from your designs, you can add white space at the right
and bottom of the graphic before you make it a background. The background
image will repeat but will not be within easy scrolling distance of your designs,
hiding the fact that it is a repeating background.
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