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To Apply a Special Background:
n Choose Format > Sheet and select Background (Figure A.1). You can browse
for a file to use as a background.
Any image that you choose will become a tiled image.
The background color exists on a layer that is behind the grid, so anything that
you input into a cell will be displayed on top of the color or texture (Figures A.2,
A.3, and A.4, pages 208-209).
Another Way to Use a Background:
There might come a time when you want an image for a background and you don't
want it repeated (tiled), but the image doesn't fill the entire worksheet. As shown in
Figure A.4, the image of the cell phone is the background image over which you want
to be able to prototype text. Create the background image with a large white field
around it. Make the white area wider than the screen width you will be viewing, which
would be either 1,024 or 1,230 pixels. The image will actually repeat, but because the
image is larger than the visible area, it appears to be a single image. If you scroll to the
right far enough, you will eventually see the image repeat. With the image as a
background, it is not affected by anything you do in the table cell layer. Now you can easily
add text or color table cells without fear of affecting the background image.
Figure A.1.
Select the Background
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