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Figure A.4.
Example of text
displayed on top of the
background image.
To Change the Table Cell Orientation for Prototyping Rather
than Making Spreadsheets:
1. Choose Format > Row > Height; then specify 13 (suggested size).
2. Choose Format > Column > Width; then specify 1 (suggested size).
Formatting Table Cells
To Specify How a Cell or Group of Cells Appears:
1. Select a table cell or group of cells.
2. Right-click and choose Format Cells.
3. From the Format Cells dialog box, select one or more of the following formats:
n Number
n Format Cell Alignment
n Vertical. Aligns text at top of cell.
n Bottom. Aligns text at bottom of row.
n Middle. Aligns text in middle of row; good position for headers.
n Wrap Text. Will wrap text within one cell or in multiple merged cells.
n Merge Cells. Multiple cells act as one cell.
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