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If you want to copy and paste merged cells, the paste area needs to be same size as
merged cells. If you want to delete cells that are merged, you will need to uncheck
the merged option.
n Font. Sets font attributes for selected cell(s). Will override general settings.
Good to use on prebuilt pages so that you can set the text in a header once
and, when you copy and paste it, it will retain that font specification
n Border. Used to make cell outline borders. Choose a line style and color. Click
edges of box to create borders. Using Borders to prebuild boxes and buttons
will save time later.
Patterns (color). Fills cells with colors.
n See tips on Shapes to see a unique pattern effect for shapes.
n To create customized colors, choose Tools > Options > Color (select a color
in the palette) > Modify.
n Choose from the color palette or click Customize > and use palette or RGB
n To bring a palette into the workbook, go to Tools > Options > Color and in
Copy Colors From: choose the open workbook that you want to copy the
palette from. The palette will then update all the colors.
The palette will exist in this workbook. If you copy a page to another workbook, it
will use the host palette, or if you save a workbook page as a new workbook, it will
use the standard palette.
To Insert Shapes:
The AutoShapes menu is useful for creating basic shapes.
Connecters are very handy for creating flowcharts. The ends of connectors are
sticky and will attach to shapes and move with them as you change your designs.
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