Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
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Figure A.9.
Resulting alignment
from inserting cells
with no other
formatting required.
If you make the table too big, use C TRL -Z (Undo) to make the table smaller.
If the table starts out too small, you can use the Delete cells command (and then
shift cells left) to shrink the table size.
Drag-and-Drop Shortcuts
Excel's implementation of drag and drop takes the formatting of the source cells,
allowing you to easily format patterns of styles on a canvas. For example, we can
use drag and drop to easily match sizes among various elements in the prototype.
Furthermore, Excel implemented drag-fill, a way of dragging a selected series of
cells and then dragging them up or down, which causes a series of numbers or
patterns of numbers to be filled in based on the cells you have selected. How drag and
fill works in general can be found in the Excel help file, but suffice it to say that it is
a small handle you will find in the lower-right corner of any selection. However, just
because it is in the lower-right corner does not mean you can drag only to the right
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