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In this chapter you will learn
n A case study
n The benefits of using Excel W for prototyping
n The productivity and collaboration opportunities
n Our goal in creating this topic
If you are eager to dive immediately into Excel prototyping, skip ahead to the “How to
create your first Excel prototype” section of Chapter 2, on page 16.
In an unnamed software company, long ago and far away, a developer learned that his
product was going to have little access to the company's user interface design
resources. This meant that he received no help with the design—only random,
ad hoc advice from product stakeholders. The developer was concerned about his
product's usability. He did not want to see his efficient codingwasted on a less than optimal
user interface design. He heard that some user interface designers had set up a stealth
prototyping service to assist developers who needed some unscheduled and
unbudgeted help. How such a thing was possible he didn't knowor care; he needed their help.
In desperation the developer went to the designers' Friday office hours. He thought
he would need a whole day to mock up a prototype based on the functional
requirements he had received. He was disappointed to hear that he would have
only an hour of the designers' time and could not imagine that he might walk away
with anything that resembled a codeable prototype.
At the prototyping office, the two designers explained that they would develop the
prototype together; he would get enough direction so that he could do the rest
himself. He could not believe it, but what could he do? He did not know any
prototyping tools, nor did he have the skills to use such tools.
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