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3. Select the row of cells with the formatted header and footer in both the All
Contacts Toolbar
and the
Recent Contacts
sections, as pictured in
Figure A.16.
4. Click the special drag-fill selector at the bottom of the selection and drag
across to fill in the gap (Figure A.17, page 222).
Drag-Fill Patterns:
Drag-fill also works with patterns. After creating a pattern, you can then select the
pattern you created. Then drag over a larger area and Excel will re-create that
pattern in the area that you have dragged. For example, you need to create a table in
which every five cells has a vertical border. All you need to do is create the first
column of the table. Select this first column pattern; then use the drag-fill to repeat
this pattern along the length of a longer selection. Your pattern will repeat
Figure A.16.
Select a column of the
formatting you want to
fill and then perform a
drag-fill to fill in the
cells with your selected
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