Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
In Depth Information
Copy and paste, as implemented in Excel, includes some special characteristics
that you can use to your advantage as you build your prototype. You can use copy
and paste in the conventional manner: Select the cells that you want to copy; then
choose Copy under the Edit menu (or press C TRL -C on the keyboard) to copy the
cells. Then paste it into a new selected area
but the selected area must be
exactly the same size in exactly the same configuration that you copied from. That
can be a challenge when you are moving from one template worksheet to
But Excel has an alternative method of pasting: You can choose to paste into a
single cell rather than into a group of cells. When you are pasting into a single cell,
everything that you copied is pasted in, starting from the target cell to the right
and below. Your copied cells are pasted over any existing cells. When copied,
the attributes of the pasted cells overwrite any preexisting styles. You can take
whatever you have made on one worksheet and paste it into another worksheet.
You can copy and paste small elements, such as buttons, to parts of designs or
complete prototype screens.
Copying and pasting becomes so convenient that many times it is easier to simply
copy and paste something from somewhere else on a worksheet than go through
the process of choosing a color or border color to create a new page or element.
Working with Graphics in Excel
The tools and techniques for working with graphics are virtually the same among
Microsoft applications, so we are not going to go into depth describing how to
work with them. However, we have some tips that might save you time and effort.
Selecting Object Mode:
In the Drawing toolbar, which you might usually have open, note the Select
Objects (arrow) on the left (Figure A.18, page 224). This turns the cursor into an
object selector and will not select a cell in the spreadsheet grid. When clicked,
the cursor changes to an arrow/crossbar icon. In this mode, the cursor selects only
graphics. Use this mode when you are working with a complex design that mixes
text, patterns, and graphics and you want to select only the graphics. You have
to click Select Objects again to be released from that mode.
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