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n Rotate Left. Allows you to rotate a selected graphic to the left at a 45-degree
angle. You can also rotate a selected graphic by clicking on the green anchor.
With this method you can move the graphic at any increment you wish.
n Line Style. Allows you to create a border with a black line for your selected
n Compress Pictures. Allows you to change the compression of a selected graphic
in case you imported a graphic that is too large to use. You can also delete
unwanted cropped areas of a graphic.
n Format Picture. This feature encompasses most of the features we have already
mentioned while giving you even more control over each feature. When you
click on the icon, a dialog box appears that offers many formatting choices.
n Color and lines. Allows you to fill Excel shapes with a color and adjust the
transparency of the color. This function also allows you to add a border to any
graphic and arrows to any lines drawn in Excel.
n Size. In this dialog box you can adjust the size of a graphic and rotate it.
n Scale. Allows you to scale an image size or return it to its original size.
n Picture. You can crop your image; alter the color, brightness, and contrast;
compress and reset your graphic back to its original settings.
n Set Transparent color. Allows you to set the transparency level of a graphic
color. What that means is, if you have a graphic with a particular color that
you wish was invisible, you can click on that color and manipulate its
transparency. This works best on colors that are made up of only one color. The tool
can select only one color at a time. So if you are selecting a color that is made
up of many colors, such as the blue in a sky, you will not be able to select all
the colors in the sky at one time.
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