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greeked text (greeking) Latin text used to mock up the visual layout of editorial
content in advance of the actual editorial content.
longevity Prototyping characteristic: The life expectancy of a prototype,
characterized as short, medium, or long.
mock up
A general term for any prototype.
MS Excel Microsoft Excel, a spreadsheet application that can also be used for
MS Office
Microsoft Office, a word processing application.
narrative A story or sequence of events that describes how a user might interact
with a software application or service.
product manager A person who manages the conception, planning, deliverables,
and production of a given product within a company.
prototype A model used to represent a software and/or hardware idea for the
purpose of exploring design concepts and determining their efficacy. Relative to various
design objectives, prototypes can be rendered with varying degrees of completeness.
Anyone who creates prototypes.
Act of planning, conceptualizing, creating, and building prototypes.
rapid prototyping
A type of prototype conceived and built in a very short time
requirement A comprehensive description of the intended purpose and
environment for software under development that fully describes what the software will do
and how it will be expected to behave and perform. There are four fundamental
requirement types: business/marketing, functional, technical, and usability. [1]
scenario The description of a user activity or task in the form of a narrative
site map A site map is a visual or textually organized model of a Website's
content that allows users to navigate through the site to find the information they
are looking for. [2]
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