Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
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storyboard A narrative prototype, usually created in the early stages of the
software-making process, to articulate business and marketing requirements in the
form of a usage scenario or story.
template A prepared set of Excel worksheets that are built from Excel canvas
worksheets. Each template worksheet contains different reusable elements or
groups of elements for a given prototype design.
thumbnails Miniature versions of pages, graphics, or pictures used to make it
easier to visually scan and recognize them.
A graphical user interface (GUI) element with which a user interacts.
wireframe A GUI mockup, usually created in the beginning phases of the design
process. It is often a sketch representation of a design concept with moderate to
minimal detailing of the GUI elements.
A collection of Excel prototyping worksheets.
A prototyping work area in Excel indicated by a tab.
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