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An interaction flow diagram in Excel, which might be the most basic visualization of
a software concept, is illustrated in Figure 1.1.
Storyboard Prototypes
A storyboard is a narrative prototype, usually created in the early stages of the
software-making process, to articulate business and marketing requirements in the
form of a usage scenario or story. These stories narrate the user actions needed to
perform tasks as specified by marketplace, customer, and user requirements. These
requirements are interpreted into a scenario before the storyboarding process begins.
Because requirements drive the storyboarding process, they provide early insight into
what users, the software, and the system are meant to do in conjunction with each
other. The primary goal of a storyboard is to align the design team's thinking to the
goals and behaviors of the software, regardless of the screen design.
Figure 1.2 is an example of a storyboard in which an interactive narrative is shown
through text and images. The user interface design embodied in an Excel prototype
reflects this narrative as you click from one screen to another, with each screen
contained in a worksheet.
Figure 1.1.
Interaction flow
diagram in Excel.
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